Home repair resource directory

Names of contractors who can service or repair items in your home

Royal Plumbing 612-876-5553      http://royalplumbinginc.net/

Westman Plumbing http://westmanplumbing.com/

Mikes Electrical 612-799-5975

Homecare: Steve Earl – 612-812-5743  http://homecareincremodeling.com/about-us/

Hanson Builders: Dan 612-655-4961  http://www.hansonbuildingandremodeling.com/

Floor refinish: John 612-308-7715

KMS Duct Cleaning 612-822-6677  http://www.airductcleaningmn.com/

Minneapolis St Paul Plumbing and Heating 651-228-9200 http://mspplumbingheatingair.com/

Midland Heating and Air conditioning 612-869-3213  http://www.midlandhtg.com/

Mohler Chimney Repair 952-922-2507  http://www.mohlerchimney.com/

Quinian Roof Repair 612-239-4779  https://quinlanconstruction.wordpress.com/category/roof/

TDS Furnace 651-253-3985  Furnace Inspection  Boiler Inspection  Air Conditioning Inspection AC Inspection Hot Water Heater Inspection

Furnace Inspection Minneapolis St Paul