Furnace, Boiler, Water Heater, AC Inspection Service

Buying or selling a home? Contact TDS Furnace and have the furnace, boiler, and air conditioning inspected by a professional independent inspector.

The elements we will examine and provide a written report are:

Who we are:

  • Independent testing and inspection company (we do not service or repair)
  • 13 plus years experience in the residential heating and air conditioning trades
  • Hold Certificates of Competency by the City of Minneapolis and St Paul
  • Master Warm Air Heating Installer, Master Steam/Hot Water Installer, Master Refrigeration, Master Gasfitter
  • Service the Minneapolis and St Paul metro area
  • State of the art testing equipment

All of us will probably have to buy a furnace, boiler, air conditioner, or water heater at least once or twice in our life time. In the case of buying a home the purchase of the comfort equipment is included in the price. We believe you should be fully informed before you buy the home. Is the heating and cooling system reliable, safe,and energy efficient? Most importantly does the system have the ability to keep you comfortable. Why not gain the knowledge and feel confident that you will be making an informed decision? Having TDS do a home inspection of heating or cooling system which includes the furnace/boiler, air conditioner, and water heater will give you the information you need to be an informed consumer.

Make a home inspection of heating or cooling system appointment by using the calendar in the right hand column. Click on one of the shaded dates and follow the easy appointment scheduling instructions. We will send you an email verification of your certification appointment.


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